The Missing Scribbly Sticks

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Extension .SWF
Width 640
Height 480
Stars 5
Emulators Ruffle Player WAFlash Player AVM2 Player AwayFL Player

The missing Scribbly Sticks is one of the games that we are totally sure that you would become closer and closer to us, because of the fact that we would never go and fall appart. Prepare yourself and start believing in us because that missing scribbly bricks is going to be a game that would totally test your skills in the manner of possibilities. Get ready and prepare the things that are going to be the greatest for yourself. The missing scribbly sticks is a great game in which your creativity is going to be tested and we are happy to tell you that it is going to suit you every single time. Prepare to use the mouse and create a lot of art that you consider it to be awesome.

Use mouse to play